ERASMUS–WESTERN BALKANS is a joint mobility programme offered by eight Western Balkan universities and six EU universities. Students and members of the faculty will benefit from the opportunity to study, teach and research abroad, while the participating universities will raise teaching capacities, build research expertise and gain international visibility.

The emphasis of ERAWEB is on research in medicine and health sciences. Research within ERAWEB is aimed at the factors which influence the population health and the development of possible interventions towards health improvement. The programme stimulates the development of the Western Balkan countries by raising academic skills of students, researchers and teachers.

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Call for Applications 2015

Unique opportunity for an international research career in medicine and the health sciences.

ERAWEB, the European network of leading medical schools, is offering another term of scholarships for academic exchange between the European Union and the Western Balkans at five academic levels: undergraduate, Master’s, doctorate and post-doctorate students, and also for academic staff. From 1 to 36 months.

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Online application will be open for registration between 6 January 2015–18 March 2015.

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ERAWEB gains stature

After combined efforts to ensure exposure of the available ERAWEB scholarships, the ERAWEB consortium can comfortably say it succeeded. ERAWEB received a record number of 242 applications, an astounding 98% more than last year, from students and staff applying for undergraduate, Masters, PhD’s, Post-Doctorate and staff positions. The growing awareness and stature surrounding the ERAWEB mobility programme is becoming more and more evident.

Albert Hofman “We are pleased and pleasantly surprised with this year’s great number of interested applicants. Each year we notice that ERAWEB is proving to be exceedingly fruitful. Students are broadening their understandings with educational perspectives and experiences, while pursuing academic initiatives beyond the borders of ERAWEB. We are grateful we have been granted the opportunity with ERAWEB II to ensure such sustainable outcomes through these driven students.”
– Prof Albert Hofman, Science Director NIHES, ERAWEB coordinator.


Since the start of the ERAWEB project in 2011, when the consortium initially welcomed 76 participants into the programme, 232 students and staff have so far been provided the opportunity to study, teach or research abroad. After successfully completing their mobility programmes abroad, ERAWEB has enabled further development by encouraging ambitious students to pursue additional academic degrees. What is more, ERAWEB students have actively set up inspiring initiatives which have strongly encouraged professors and staff to teach and support research efforts in the Western Balkans. All ERAWEB students and staff are the product of sustained efforts with high hopes to develop this programme’s legacy to have long-lasting constructive effects on the health of populations, as well as the relations between Europe and the Western Balkans.

Anna-Vitezova“I am from the first generation of ERAWEB students who received this unique opportunity to broaden my academic horizon. I started at Erasmus MC as a Master student and am now pursuing my PhD degree in Epidemiology. I learnt how to conduct epidemiological research and published my first paper. However, I feel like I have got much more than this, more than I had even hoped for: I learnt the way of the Dutch, met many nice people from all over the world , and made friendships for life. ERAWEB has been an all-round amazing experience, and has made me excited for what the future holds!”
– ERAWEB student, Anna Vitezova, PharmD, MSc


The next call for applications will open at the end of this year. ERAWEB will provide another two opportunities to apply to the mobility programme. The mobility terms for all calls will end on 14 July 2017. If you know anyone who will be interested or who would benefit from this mobility programme, make sure they connect to he ERAWEB website to stay informed on upcoming calls.

ERAWEB Call for Applications 2014 is now officially closed.

We are pleased to announce that there has been great interest in the ERAWEB scholarships as the ERAWEB team has received a substantial amount of applications.

All applications will be taken into careful consideration and the final decisions will be communicated to the applicants in May, 2014.